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About me

Jeffery Combs

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Professional Life/Business Coach

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Jeffery Combs grew up in small-town Clarinda, Iowa. He knew
early in life that corporate America would not be his career. In
his teens and 20s, he mentored under 3 millionaires while
living in Kansas City and Los Angeles. In this time, Jeff
struggled with alcohol and drug abuse to the point where his
addictions became his life. Jeff experienced DUIs, Public
Intoxications, and Drug arrests.
As Jeff tells it… “In December of 1988, I hit rock bottom. I
ended up in a county detox with delirium tremens from my
alcohol abuse. I made a promise to myself that if I survived, I
would get back to living my dreams and commit to my
Jeffery did just that.
At 31 years old, Jeff became clean and sober from all addictions
and has been COMPLETELY sober for 32 years. Even though he
became sober, there were still many struggles for him along
the free enterprise journey. Anxiety, resentment,
disappointment, and anger were all still very relevant
emotions in Jeff’s life. He had several failed business ventures
before really figuring things out by the 90s.
In 1990, he started his first network-marketing venture where
he became a 7-figure income earner, and dug himself out of
$100,000 in credit card debt. For the next 8 years, Jeffery
mastered free enterprise. He became a millionaire in the
network-marketing industry before starting his own business
in 1998 known as Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.
Today, Jeffery still runs that company and is a world-renown
author, speaker, and success/addiction coach who specializes
in separating feelings from past events in a process called

letting go. Jeffery has coached over 12,000 clients and 60,000
one-on-one hours. He has published 5 books including a #1 on
Amazon’s Best Selling list and has been featured on news
channels such as Fox, ABC, and CBS.

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